Recognizing 3 Gas Furnace Problems With Similar Symptoms

One of the more challenging aspects of diagnosing a problem with a gas furnace—and one of the reasons you should always rely on professionals for repairs—is how vastly different problems can often create similar symptoms. Relatively minor issues can sometimes result in the same apparent symptoms as much more severe, or even dangerous, failures.   There are many potential reasons why your furnace may not heat your home as effectively as you expect. Read More 

Air Conditioning Repair: 5 Signs Your Window Air Conditioners Require Some Repairs

If your window air conditioner isn't cooling your home as it should, regular maintenance and repair may be necessary to ensure that you stay cool. Knowing the signs of problems with a window air conditioner can help you catch issues early on before they become expensive repairs or even replacements. Here are five key signs that could indicate your window air conditioner is in need of repair.  1. The Unit is Not Cooling Properly Read More