When Your Heating System Is Making Loud Noises: Determining If You Need To Get Your System Serviced

If you turn on your heating system for the first time of the season and it seems loud, there are a number of reasons this could be happening. You may simply not be used to the normal sounds that your heating system makes when it turns on. You may have a problem with the air flow in your vents, or your furnace could be struggling to heat up your home and need to be serviced. If the noises are loud and persist as the system continues to run, it's time to call an HVAC contractor to come and see what needs to be done about your heating system.

When Your Heating System Bangs When Turning On

If you hear a loud booming type of noise when you turn on your furnace, this can mean that there is something wrong with the ignition switch. If gas starts to flow and the ignition takes too long to ignite the gas, this can lead to an accumulation of the gas in your furnace. The loud bang you hear is actually a small explosion when the ignition finally turns on. You may need to have a new ignition installed or have the furnace cleaned by a professional.

Loud Noises Coming from Your Vents

If the air in your vents is cold and they are suddenly full of hot air when you turn on the system, you may hear a loud noise coming from your vents. While this noise is generally harmless, it is the sound of your air vents expanding from the hot air and contracting when the air is cold again. If the noise is bothersome, you can try to open one of the air vents to see if this helps reduce or eliminate the noise.

When You Hear Squealing Noises

Your furnace has all kinds of moving parts inside, including belts that will squeak when they haven't been used in some time. If you hear a squealing sound that won't go away when the system is on, it's time to have maintenance done on your heating system. While a squeak might go away once you start using your heat regularly, if the sound continues you may need to have a belt replaced.

When you hear new noises coming from your heating system and you aren't sure what they are, it is best to call your heating company, like Staley Mechanicals, to come and see what the problem might be.