Why A Central Air Conditioner Might Become Inefficient

Having a central air conditioning system can make getting through a hot day a lot easier. However, running the system can also lead to high energy bills if it isn't in top shape. If your air conditioning must be left on for a long time before your house is cool enough, there are numerous things that could be causing the problems. You must understand that the insufficiency can also be related to something that has nothing to do with the condition of the air conditioning system. Here are some of the things that might be causing your air conditioner to run inefficiently.

There Are Holes in Your Walls

When you have the air conditioning system running, there might be air seeping in and out of the walls without your knowledge. For instance, it is possible that there are holes in your walls in areas that are hidden. You might want to look behind doors and furniture to see if any holes are present. If there are mice in your house, the rodents may have chewed threw the walls. You can easily get the holes sealed up, but should also hire an exterminator to get rid of the mice as well so the problem won't happen again.

Windows Are Not Shut Completely

Windows can have a big impact on the efficiency of an air conditioning system. If you have windows that are energy efficient, it doesn't mean that they are not contributing to cause of your energy bills being high. It is possible that there are windows in your house that are not completely closed. All it takes is a slightly opened window for air from the system to seep out of your house. Walk around your house to close and lock each window when you have the system running. Locking the windows will give you the security that they are actually closed to the fullest extent.

Your Air Conditioner Need Some Maintenance

If your air conditioner is inefficient, it might only need a little maintenance. For example, it is possible that the fan isn't producing as much air as it should. You can hire a contractor like Classic Air and Heating to inspect the fan and find out if it is in need of being cleaned or repaired. The air ducts might also need to be cleaned or repaired in order for the system to start functioning efficiently. A dirty filter can interfere with how well an air conditioning system operates as well.