How To Prevent Your Air Conditioner From Suddenly Failing

As mechanical devices, air conditioners of all types run the risk of sudden failure. For some, this can lead to some discomfort. For others, an AC failure can represent a full emergency situation. However, it's possible to lower the possibility of failure.

Maintenance and Inspection Are the Keys to Good AC Health

Sudden failures often start as a small problem that went unchecked for too long. It's rare for something to stop working without an underlying cause that built up to failure. That's why you need routine maintenance and the occasional inspection by both you and a professional.

By keeping your air conditioning unit clean and free of debris, you will maintain its efficiency. You should also clean or swap your AC filters about once a month. Believe it or not, just keeping the unit clean and checking on the filters can go a long way towards preventing a sudden failure

Beyond your own efforts, you should have a professional AC contractor service your unit at least once a year. A good time to do it is in the spring before you start putting it to heavy use. The technician can service, inspect, and clean your AC.

The technician will go about checking fluids, looking for leaks, and lubricating parts. As they do so, they will have the ability to spot problems or potential problems. In this way, they can deal with issues before those issues become a sudden failure later on.

When a Sudden Failure Occurs

While maintenance and inspections can lower the probability of a sudden failure, you can still experience one for some reason or another. Although, you should know many failures aren't failures at all. Before you panic, you can check a few things.

Did the breaker trip? An electrical issue can cause you AC to stop running.

What does the thermostat say? Sometimes a thermostat problem can make it seem like your AC failed. Check the temperature on it, and turn it up or down to see if anything changes.

Is something blocking airflow? Maybe you hear the AC running as normal, but you're not receiving any air. Make sure there's nothing blocking the vents.

If it's not one of these simple reasons, then call an air conditioning contractor to come look. Show care even with the simple reasons. If they happen often, you may have a larger problem to deal with. This too will require a professional diagnosis of your air conditioning system.