An Instagram Account For My HVAC Company? Definitely!

Some HVAC contractors owners don't realize the value of social media apps like Instagram. Whether you are a self-employed HVAC contractor or own a franchise in a national firm, you can probably use Instagram to benefit your business. Some HVAC contractors might ask the question, "Who would want to follow my Instagram, I just sell HVAC supplies and fix air conditioners?" While it is true that you probably won't become a huge Instagram influencer through your HVAC company account, you should not ignore the potential of a well-managed Instagram account for your business.

Humanize Your Contractors

First of all, Instagram would enable you to humanize your business. Customers will feel that they can communicate directly to you via Instagram. You can also produce posts that feature your employees and products. If you hire the best contractors, you can proudly promote them. People love to support family-owned business, so you can post semi-personal things on your account.

Offering Incentives to Followers

Offering some incentives and running promotions is another effective tool that you can utilize through Instagram. But the beauty of Instagram is that it allows you to open up a two-way conversation with your customers. This is much more than taking out an ad in the local newspaper. For instance, customers can ask specific questions about the promotion and products on sale. By responding to them, you are opening up a line of communication that will establish trust. Also, when your customers comment on your post, their friends and followers are also more likely to see it.

You might also think, "none of my HVAC competitors have Instagram accounts, why do I need one?" You've basically answered your own question within that question. The fact that your competitors don't have Instagram is the very reason you should get involved. This will allow you to reach a completely different customer base. Some homeowners don't realize the importance of HVAC maintenance. If they read an informative post (for example) about how often a furnace filter should be changed, they could very well be prompted to contact you.

No matter how you feel about social media, it is packed with homeowners who need HVAC contractors from time to time. You can think of every account as a potential customer. There is no barrier to communicating with these customers. You could see a substantial return on your investment once customers start asking about your services and leaving positive reviews on Instagram.

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