Making A Beach House Warm And Inviting Year Round

The value of a beach house speaks for itself during the warmer months. But during winter, the thought of living in a beach house may not be appealing to some. With a bit of strategy, you can make your beach home warm and inviting throughout the year. Here are some ideas.

Make Sure It's Insulated

Those killer ocean view windows are great for the warm weather, but in the winter, they are a place where a lot of heated air can escape. Make sure that windows are treated to retain some of the energy within the home. Correct thickness of glass will help, and so will having well-maintained sealant at the edges of the windows. Insulation is important throughout the house, so consider hiring a specialist to repair the weakest points of your insulation. Even something like heated flooring can have a big impact; not only will it be insulated from the bottom, but it will help heat radiate up from the surface.

Install a Fireplace

Fireplaces will add instant warmth to your beach house, both literally and psychologically. Someone who is cold can get an instant jolt of warmth just by sitting next to the fire. The fireplace can be swept out and closed each spring so that it doesn't interfere with the summer functions of the home.

Choose Finishes Wisely

Warm finishes in the home can have a big effect on how the space is perceived. Warmer wood tones are popular for ocean homes that are used during the winter as well. Warm accent colors for paint, cabinets, and even throw pillows will also make the space brighter. For certain low-cost soft furnishings, you could even have two sets of decorations-- one for summer and one for winter.

Talk to Your Heating Contractor

With a beach house that may be drafty, having a heating system in top notch will be important. Especially when you don't live in the house full-time, you'll want the heating system to be able to get a home up to the right temperature with short notice. That involves great heating system maintenance and an efficient HVAC design. You could have a heating repair contractor come out each year before the colder weather starts to replace filters, clean the combustion chambers of the furnace, scrub down your HVAC ducts, and make any other necessary heating repairs before you really need the heater to kick in.

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