Important Advantages Of Geothermal Systems

A geothermal system is an alternative way to power your home using the heat coming from the earth itself. It does represent a significant upfront cost in order to install, but it provides several advantages over traditional energy systems that help justify the upfront cost.

Decreases Utility Bills

Depending on the system in use, owners of geothermal systems have seen savings of 25% to 50%, as compared to conventional oil, gas, or heat pump systems. Using cutting-edge technology, a geothermal system can heat a 2000-square-foot home for less than one dollar per day. Additionally, geothermal systems can save up to 30% of hot-water costs every year.

A geothermal system uses electricity to transfer the energy from the ground into your home. However, it makes up for this electrical consumption. For every one unit of electricity used, it produces four units of power. These numbers represent a significant leap, as conventional systems delver less than one unit of power for every unit of electricity consumed.

Is Friendly to the Environment and You

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has recognized geothermal systems as the most environmentally safe heating and cooling systems on the market. To illustrate this point, installing a geothermal system is the environmental equivalent of taking two cars permanently off the road or planting 740 trees.

There's no need to worry about consuming any fossil fuels, such as natural gas and propane, that may release toxic emissions. Additionally, there are no flames, odors, or carbon monoxide produced by geothermal systems. Geothermal systems are safe for both you and the environment.

Makes up for the Initial Cost

The high price tag of the geothermal system is often a deterrent for many homeowners. They see the entire system as being too expensive to be worth it. However, the initial cost can be financed or even tied into your mortgage payment. Then the savings that you experience on your utilities will cover the loan payment, and then some, immediately allowing you to have extra cash every month. It's suggested that a geothermal system will pay for itself within three to five years.

If you're ready to investigate installing a geothermal system in your residence or commercial location, the first step is to have a professional provide you with a quote. Once a quote has been provided, you can decide if installing a geothermal system is the right decision for you. To learn more, click here for additional info.