Three Reasons Why a Professional Firm Should Test Your Portable Air Conditioners

Installing a central air conditioning unit inside of any home comes with a lot of planning, work, and money. In some homes, it is not a possibility, so bringing in other machinery that can do the job is necessary. Portable air conditioning units have come a long way. Many can cool an entire room or two in the home in the same way that an air conditioner can. If you are interested in portable air conditioners for your home, you should have a trusted air conditioning service come to check out your machine for these three reasons. 

1. Make sure they are safe for your plugs

One thing that an air conditioning tech can tell you is if your plugs can accurately run the type of machine that you intend to set up. An air conditioning repair firm will know the proper voltage that an air conditioner will need to run from the plugs. If you live in an older home or if you have had your home rewired, you should have trained eyes tell you if the portable AC will be able to operate from the standard wall plugs in your home or if you will need to be able to upgrade. 

2. Determine how powerful the machine is

A large portable air conditioner that can sit in the corner of your room and run undisturbed can be an asset to your home. The machine will only be able to be an asset if it is able to cool down a large number of square feet. In order to determine just how well the machine will cool your particular home, call in your air conditioning service and have them take a look at your portable machine. Ask them how well the machine will run and just how many you will need for your home. Some machines may be powerful enough to cool down an entire floor of your home. Choose well by asking your air conditioning tech to take a look at the specifications. 

3. Figure out the proper placement

A machine can only operate as well as its placement. If the machine is hidden behind furniture or a large television, the cool air will not be felt. The portable unit may also need to sit higher up on a pedestal or stand in order to blow directly into the rooms. Have your air conditioning repair person come up with the appropriate placement for each of your machines to remain stable and operate at their easiest.

Contact a local HVAC contractor to come out for air conditioning repair services to make sure your portable AC is working properly and at its optimal level.