Know When To Have Your Boiler Serviced And When To Call For Heating System Repair

Your boiler should last up to 15 years. When you take good care of your boiler and heating system with routine maintenance, you can expect your boiler to remain in good shape for years. Your system should be serviced at the beginning of the heating season to ensure that your boiler is efficient. Once your boiler gets older, you may need a new boiler installation to avoid excessive costs to heat your home. Once your system is old and not efficient, it will cost you more money in utility bills than it will to finance a new boiler. Reduce your risk of needing an emergency repair for your heating system, and get your system serviced every year.

If You Have Cold Air

If cold air is blowing out of your vents, the first place to look is your thermostat. It's possible that someone accidentally turned on the cool air or fan instead of the heat. Your thermostat could be broken, or the filter might be clogged. If you have a clogged filter, the heat exchanger in your furnace can begin to overheat. The heat exchanger may shut off so that the system doesn't overheat and get permanently damaged.

When Your System Keeps Turning On and Off

A system that turns on and off without heating your home is short cycling. This can occur with a clogged filter, if the space is too large for the current furnace or boiler to heat, or when there is restricted air flow beyond a clogged filter. The exhaust vent could be blocked, or you could have a blockage in one of your interior vents. The problem could also be caused by a thermostat that needs to be replaced.

When Your Boiler Makes Noise

If you hear new noises when your boiler or furnace turns on, it's important to get the noises inspected. While every furnace or boiler makes some noise, new, different noises can occur. If you hear rattling or a loud bang when your system turns on, there could be problems within your system that need to be addressed. An older system can be repaired, but you have to get any problems solved early to avoid permanent damage to your heating system.

Your boiler should be serviced at the beginning of the heating season to reduce your risk of emergency repairs. If you note issues with your heating system, get the heating system repair you need to avoid excessive heating costs for your home.