What’s The Big Deal About An HVAC System Installation?

You rarely hear about a do-it-yourself HVAC system installation, and with good reason. There are too many things that can go wrong if you aren't positive about your ability to install the unit. An HVAC installation is a complex process that is anything but plug-and-play. Because they have to be directly wired into the electrical system of your home, it can be dangerous to attempt the installation on your own. Aside from the risk, here are a few reasons why HVAC system installations are serious and why you want to make sure you have a professional perform the installation.

Avoid Voiding the Warranty

Mistakes made during the process of an HVAC system installation can void your warranty. If you're doing the work on your own, that means you're responsible for replacing or repairing the system without any help from the system's warranty. If you have a licensed, bonded, and insured professional handle the installation, they are responsible for mistakes their staff members make during your HVAC installation and are responsible for replacing or repairing the unit should it become necessary.  

Old HVAC Unit Removal

Removing an old HVAC unit is no small feat. Many consumers find it intimidating. Not only does it often require tools you don't have and aren't familiar with using, but it can also be dangerous because, as previously mentioned, the system is hardwired to your home's main electrical system. When you bring in professionals for your HVAC system installation, part of the service they offer is the safe removal of your existing HVAC system as well as the installation of the new systems.

Code Compliance

Failure to meet current code compliance when performing an HVAC system installation can cost you plenty in fines alone. When you combine that with the increased scrutiny by compliance officers in your community, the costs of delays, and the discomfort of an inoperable HVAC system while things are sorted out and there are plenty of reasons to err on the side of compliance during your HVAC system installation.

Fortunately, local HVAC installation professionals are familiar with the code requirements in your community and experienced at meeting those demands. They also make it their business to remain up-to-date with code changes so their customers never need to go through the ordeal of operating on the wrong side of code enforcement.

An HVAC system installation is absolutely a big deal. If you aren't trained and experienced in the process it can be a dangerous deal. That is why HVAC installation from professionals is almost always the way to go.