Heating System Repairs to Get Your Furnace Ready for Another Winter

The summer is ending and winter is coming, which means you have to get your heater ready. You will want to inspect your heating system for problems that may need to be repaired before cold weather. Some of the problems to look for include problems with the blower, pilot light, and electrical wiring. The following guide will help you with the repairs that need to be done to get your heating ready for winter:

  • Pilot Light Issues and Upgrading to an Electric Ignition—The first heating system that you may have to deal with is a worn-out pilot light that will not stay lit. This is not only a problem that will need to be repaired, but old pilot lights are also outdated and inefficient. Therefore, it could be a good investment to have your heating system upgraded with an electric ignition system. The new electric ignitor will be much more efficient than an old pilot light that has to be constantly lit.
  • Replacing an Inefficient Failing Blower—Another component of your heating that may be outdated and inefficient is the blower. When the blower stops working efficiently or fails, it is a good idea to ask a heating repair service to replace it. The blower unit can be replaced with a newer, more efficient electric motor. Replacing the blower motor will reduce the energy consumption of your heating system during cold weather.
  • Repairing the Air Handler and Ductwork Leaks—The air handler is another component of your heating system that may need repairs. This is often due to air leaks or wear and tear on components. Therefore, the air handler is going to need to be repaired to ensure your heating system is working as it should. In addition to the air handler, the ductwork also needs to be inspected, repaired, and any dampers adjusted. If the dampers are not working properly, they will also need repairs when you get ready to use your heating system.
  • Upgrading Thermostats and Dealing with Electrical Problems—The thermostat of your heating system also needs to be calibrated before turning the furnace on. If the thermostat is worn and outdated, it is a good time to ask a repair technician about upgrading it. You also need to have the furnace inspected for other electrical problems that are going to need to be repaired before turning the system on.

These furnace repairs will help you prepare your home for another winter. Contact a heating repair service for help fixing these problems before you need to crank the heating up in your home.