Insight on Furnace and Duct Cleaning

Owning a home can be complicated, especially when you are attempting to figure out which maintenance tasks are needed and when. HVAC companies will tell you that you need a furnace and duct cleaning. However, as a customer, it is hard to know what each does and which one you need.

Furnace Cleaning

Furnaces should be cleaned regularly to help lengthen the life of your furnace, as well as improve the efficiency of the unit. When you ask for a furnace cleaning, HVAC contractors will focus only on the furnace unit. This includes the blower motor, fans, burners, heat exchange, and other parts of the unit. If they see your coils need to be cleaned, they will often inform you that a specialized cleaning will need to be added to the service cost. Cleaning is performed with vacuums and compressed air.

Duct Cleaning

Anything outside of the furnace, such as vents and air ducts is cleaned with a different service. While both can be done at the same time, they are two different services. The cleaning of your air ducts will remove all dust and debris from all of the lines from your furnace to your home. This service is more specialized and uses tools that can wind through the duct to the vent, including wands and snakes. Duct cleaning should be done regularly, as dust builds up where you cannot see, so prices will vary based on the cleaning required.

Which Service Do You Need?

Air ducts, vents, and furnaces are all connected and affect your overall health. The air that flows through the unit will be the same air you are breathing in. In addition to your health, the system as a whole affects the efficiency of the furnace. Often, the services are provided at the same time with a comprehensive cleaning service. This does not mean they have to be performed together. Furnaces should be cleaned at least once a year, and the filters changed regularly. If you are following a scheduled maintenance schedule, you will likely only need to clean the duct system every other year.

Create a Schedule

The best thing to do for your home, health, and pocketbook is to create a schedule with an HVAC contractor. If you are moving into a new home, then consider having the highest level of service provided. This will put you at a clean slate with your unit and you can set up a comprehensive schedule. In the end, this will reduce how much you have to pay for each cleaning. Many companies will offer discounts and benefits for regular customers or appointments requiring multiple services at once.

When you understand the aspects of your home and how to extend the life of your furnace, it is not as complicated. Proper maintenance and cleaning of your furnace is only one aspect, but it is one that will help reduce the costs you incur every month. Learn more by contacting companies like Moore Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.