Heating Tips to Help Keep Your House Warm

Boosting the performance of your heating system can be a goal that will result in your home being a comfortable place during the winter while minimizing the amount of energy that you will have to use.

Improving the Air Circulation

Improving the air circulation in the interior of the home is a step that can boost the efficiency and effectiveness of both the heating and cooling systems. This is because the circulating air will be more efficient at transporting the heat from the system throughout the home. If the interior air circulation is poor, it could potentially result in the heated air getting trapped in fairly limited areas of the home. This could be addressed by strategically positioning fans that will be able to move the warmth through the house. When positioning these fans, you will want them to be angled at a downward angle as this will help to move the warm air from near the ceiling to ground level.

Insulating the Ducting

The warm air that is moving through the ducting can actually experience a noticeable decrease in temperature as a result of the cold air coming into contact with the ducting. If you notice that the warm air coming from your system is substantially cooler during times of extreme lows, this could indicate this problem. Luckily, you can mitigate this issue fairly easily through the use of insulation around the exterior of the ducting. This will help to eliminate drafts as well as any convective cooling that may occur as the warm air is traveling through these ducts. Adding insulation to the ducting can be a major upgrade to make, but it can be worth it to ensure that your house is staying as warm as possible during the long winters

Cleaning the Vents and Replacing Filters

Dirty vents can be a common reason for a heating system failing to work as effectively as possible. One reason for this can be that the dirty vents will have severely restricted airflow that will limit the amount of warm air that can be produced by the system. Dirty air filters can also create this problem. Making sure to regularly clean the exterior vents of the heating system and to replace any air filters that the system uses can help the system to produce enough warm air for the house while also minimizing the chances of the system experiencing mechanical problems.

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