Reasons Why Your AC Refrigerant May Be Leaking

Refrigerant is what makes residential cooling possible in the first place. When this refrigerant leaks, cooling effectiveness is dramatically reduced. There are a couple of reasons why refrigerant leaks, with these instances being some of the more common. 

Worn-Out Connections

No matter what type of AC unit your property relies on, its connections will eventually wear down to where refrigerant can leak out. It happens with time but isn't something that is that costly to fix. You just need to figure out which connections have reached the point where repairs aren't possible, and then let a professional air conditioning technician handle the replacement. 

They'll ensure the new connections are set up just right so that you don't have to deal with any more refrigerant leaks for a long time. They can also help you select quality replacement connections that are compatible with your current cooling system. 

Part Defects

There might be some air conditioning parts that came with your system that have a major defect. This can cause the refrigerant to leak out in different areas. There isn't much that can be done about parts with defects other than replacing them, with assistance from an HVAC technician.

However, you want to inform the air conditioning manufacturer that you purchased from about the part defects. They can document them so that future defects don't affect other consumers, and they may also replace the components for free since it was not your fault that refrigerant was leaking out of your cooling system.

Faulty Installation

Even if there is nothing wrong with your AC unit, the installation may not go according to plan. Any mistake during installation can lead to refrigerant leaks that you want to have addressed as quickly as possible.

An AC repair contractor can lend a hand in assessing the setup of your current air conditioning unit. They'll see what went wrong with the installation, whether it's misaligned parts or parts that weren't used in the first place. They'll then test the unit after their repair to make sure refrigerant isn't getting out of any areas, and that everything is running correctly.

You may someday have to deal with a refrigerant leak. Whether it's because your unit wasn't installed properly or a part came with a defect, always get help from a professional air conditioning repair so that the leak is taken care of in a permanent and safe way.