What Are Some Of The Signs That You May Need Air Conditioning Replacement

There are numerous factors that can influence the lifespan of an air conditioning unit, including whether the unit is routinely maintained, how frequently the unit is used, and what outside weather elements the unit may be exposed to. Eventually, though, all air conditioning units will need to be replaced. If your air conditioner is nearing ten years of age or higher, you may need to watch for signs that the unit needs to be replaced. Here are some of the signs that it is time for air conditioning replacement

Your Air Conditioner Uses R22 Refrigerant

In 2010, R22 refrigerant, also referred to as Freon, started to be phased out. In 2020, R22 was no longer legal to import into the U.S. or produce into the U.S. As such, if you have an air conditioning unit that uses this type of refrigerant, you will need to replace the unit if you develop a leak or run out of Freon in the unit, as there is no way to fill the unit. You cannot simply change the type of refrigerant used in the unit, so replacing the unit is the only option. 

Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Frequent Repairs

One of the most common signs that air conditioning replacement is needed is an air conditioning unit that needs frequent repairs. A unit that breaks down often is not reliable. This can leave you without air at the worst times. Additionally, you may find yourself spending quite a bit to keep the unit functional. A unit that breaks down often is trying to tell you that it is at or near the end of its lifespan. 

Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Not Energy Efficient

The final sign that it may be time to replace your air conditioning unit is that it is causing your energy bill to increase. As a unit nears the end of its life, it may struggle to keep up with the cooling needs of your home. It may have to work longer to cool your home. In turn, this causes your energy bill to creep up. Newer units are more efficient than older units, so replacing your unit may help you to keep your cooling expenses as low as possible. 

If your air conditioning unit is not running efficiently, you will want to call in an air conditioning repair company. They can assess your unit and help you determine if repair or replacement may be a better fit for you, given the age and condition of your current air conditioning unit.