Do You Need To Call An HVAC Contractor To Replace Your Ductwork?

Although ducted HVAC systems have been around for decades, they remain a popular solution for many homeowners due to the range of benefits that they offer. To begin with, ducted HVAC systems provide all-around heating and cooling when you need it so you never have to experience uncomfortable temperatures around your home. In addition to this, a ducted HVAC system can help with maintaining the air quality of your home, as long as they are provided with professional cleaning on a routine basis.

However, since the ductwork is typically installed behind walls, it is difficult for homeowners to tell if their ductwork needs professional attention. As a result, problems are left to fester to the point that the ducts lose their structural integrity. So how do you know when you need to call an HVAC contractor to replace your ductwork?

Ominous noises from the ducts

One of the first red flags of an undiagnosed problem with your ductwork is when you begin to hear bizarre noises coming from the walls. Unfortunately, this is almost always a sign that your ducts have become infested with pests, which are usually rodents. These pests not only nest in the ductwork. Instead, they pose the risk of structural damage to the ducts, as they will eat through them, leaving behind gaps and cracks. Secondly, the pests will defecate in the ducts so when air is being circulated through them, it gets contaminated and this will degrade the air quality in the home.

Lastly, when the infestation is not addressed as soon as possible, the pests get the chance to eat through insulation so you may also need to reinsulate your walls. To avoid extensive damage, you must hire HVAC services the moment that you hear ominous noises coming from the ducts. Not only will these technicians replace the ducts but they will identify the access points the pests used to breach the ductwork and seal them.

Cold or hot spots in your home

As stated above, one of the major reasons why ducted HVAC systems have retained their popularity over the years is because they allow for even heating and cooling in the entire home. Hence, the moment that you begin to notice that parts of your home are either hotter or colder than they should be when your HVAC system is up and running, you should reach out to HVAC technicians.

In the best-case scenario, the technicians could carry out an inspection and find that some blockages have formed at different sections of the ductwork. Fortunately, these can be easily cleared out with thorough duct cleaning. In the worst-case scenario, though, the HVAC technicians may find cracks, holes, or gaps in the ductwork. In this instance, the integrity of the ducts is compromised, and they will need to be replaced.