Assessing A Malfunctioning AC System

If your home's air conditioning system is not performing as well as it normally does, you may be able to identify and repair the cause of these problems with a few steps.

Thoroughly Clean The Exterior And The Coils Of The System

When the exterior of an air conditioning system becomes extremely dirty, it will have a large impact on the overall performance of the system. In situations where you notice that your home's AC system is not cooling the air, the exterior of the unit and the coils should be cleaned. Dirty vents may have insufficient airflow for the unit, and dirty coils will be less effective at exchanging heat. Thoroughly cleaning the unit will help to correct these issues so that unit's cooling abilities may be restored.

Make Sure The Unit Is Effectively Blowing Air

At the heart of your air conditioning system is a powerful fan that will move air through the ducting and interior vents. When your air conditioning system is unable to effectively move air, this may be the result of this fan suffering a significant malfunction. Unfortunately, it will often be necessary to replace the faulty fan, which can be a major repair that needs a professional technician to complete.

Check Around The Unit For Leaks

Leaking refrigerant is another potential source of an AC system malfunctioning. Without refrigerant, the unit will be completely unable to cool the air that it is blowing into the home. The base of the unit should be thoroughly assessed for signs of leaking refrigerant. When the refrigerant is leaking, a professional technician will be able to isolate the location of the leak and patch the damaged tubing. Depending on the size of the leak, adding more refrigerant may be a temporary option, but as the leak grows, this will become a less viable option.

Test The Thermostat

Often the problem with an air conditioning system will be due to the thermostat malfunctioning. While the thermostat will play a critical role in allowing you to control the AC system, it can be among the least expensive components to replace. If your thermostat is providing you with incorrect readings or has become completely unresponsive, a residential AC repair service may be able to replace it in a matter of minutes. This can also provide you with the opportunity to upgrade to a thermostat that has modern features, such as smart home integration, programmable settings, and more accurate temperature sensors. 

For more information on AC repair, contact a professional near you.