3 Not So Obvious Signs You Need A New Furnace Soon

Most people detect heating system malfunctions from cold spots around the house and system inefficiencies. However, some of the signs of a failing system are not easy to tell. Unfortunately, staying for long without addressing heater problems leads to its complete breakdown. It is, therefore, crucial to watch out for the early warning signs of a failing furnace and call for heating services right away. Here are some issues you shouldn't ignore. 

The Heater Keeps Shutting Down Between Cycles 

A well-functioning heating unit has regular cycles. Therefore, if the cycles become shorter, your heater is overworking and could have an underlying issue. The causes of this problem include a clogged vent, dirty filters, and damaged frames, which lead to uneven warmth. Also, a dying motor or a dirty heat sensor is a possible culprit for this problem. If you see a recurrence of this issue, you most likely will need another heater soon.

The Flue Lines Seem Rusty

A flue is a pipe that goes up the wall. Its function is to remove the moisture and carbon monoxide that the heating system produces during operation. Any signs of rust on the pipes are an indication of something serious. Rusting happens if your furnace is not burning gas efficiently, causing the release of toxic gases into your home. The by-product of incomplete combustion is what causes the flue lines to rust. 

Another cause for rusting is a lack of balance between the air outside and inside the heater. Usually, this happens if your heater is incompatible with the piping. Those living in older homes are more likely to experience these issues too. You may need a heating contractor to fix the problem.

There Are Leaks around the Heater

Water puddles around your furnace are not always a sign of danger. However, it is not advisable to ignore it, as it could cause property damage. You should be concerned if the water pools only when the heater is on. In that case, the leak is likely to be somewhere along the condensate lines. On the other hand, leaks coming directly from the heater signal a deeper problem. The best solution, in this case, is to get another heater installed.

A heater is an essential appliance to every homeowner, especially during the cold seasons. Therefore, it is crucial to stay alert to the aforementioned abnormalities that might cause your furnace to shut down for good. And if your furnace suffers extensive damage, it is best to replace it with a new one with the help of a heating contractor