Why The Condenser Fan Is An Important Part In Your Condenser And Why It Might Malfunction

If the fan in your condenser doesn't turn on or it works erratically, call an air conditioning repair service for help. You might cause damage to the fan motor if the motor keeps trying to start up the fan when it isn't working properly. Here's a look at the importance of a properly functioning condenser fan and what might be wrong when the fan isn't working right.

Why The Condenser Fan Is So Important

The purpose of the condenser fan is to blow heat out of the condenser. The air blows over the refrigerant coils to help cool the refrigerant back down as it comes from the evaporator coils inside. When the fan isn't working, the condenser parts can overheat, strain, and fail. Also, the refrigerant won't cool down properly, and this causes issues with the cooling cycle in your home.

What Causes The Fan To Malfunction

The fan motor has to get power to turn on. This means the circuit breaker has to be on, the fuse in the disconnect box has to be good, the wiring to the contactor in the condenser has to be good, and the contactor, capacitor, and fan motor have to be in good shape. If any of those parts fail, power may not get to the fan motor so it can spin the fan. A problem with the fan could be to blame too. If a fan blade is wobbly or stuck, the motor may not have enough power to spin the fan and make it work.

How Repairs Might Be Done

An air conditioning repair technician can take the grille off the top of the condenser and pull out the fan and motor to check them. The motor can be tested with a multimeter to see if it's good. The contactor and capacitor can be checked in the same way so the repair technician can find the bad part and replace it.

If the problem is with the fan or fan blades, the repair technician might make repairs by adjusting the blades and tightening them in position. However, if a fan blade is bent, the repair technician may need to replace the fan.

If the capacitor, contactor, or motor is bad, the air conditioning repair technician can change them. They can also repair or replace wiring if the problem is a wiring issue. The technician will troubleshoot the problem and get your air conditioner working again as quickly as possible, so you can turn it back on and cool down your home. 

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