5 Heater Electrical Components Faults That Will Require A Heater Repair Service

Is your heater cycling between ON and OFF  more frequently than usual? The system has an electrical problem, with the thermostat being the prime suspect. Like any other appliance, a heater can develop various faults caused by usage, power surges, or incorrect repairs. Whatever the cause, you need heating repair for the affected component to restore your unit. Here are five electrical components a heating repair service will look at when the heater isn't working.

1. Faulty Thermostat

If your heater is cycling more frequently than before, check the thermostat. It may have become loose over time or may have been incorrectly repaired in the past. In some cases, it is simply a matter of forgetting to change the settings as the weather changes. 

However, the thermostat can also develop serious faults or even die. A heating repair service will have the right tools and equipment to correctly test and replace the thermostat if needed. 

2. Faulty Blower Motor 

The blower motor helps circulate air through the heater's coils. Over time, it can develop faults such as a broken capacitor or worn-out brushes. A faulty motor will overheat, and you might sense a burning smell. 

You will also notice the airflow is weak when the motor is faulty because it can't push air as expected. A heating repair service will be able to quickly identify the problem and replace the faulty component. 

3. Loose and Frayed Wires 

Check for any loose or frayed wires inside the heater cabinet. They pose a hazard because they can cause electrical shorts and fires. If the wires are loose and frayed, they will need to be replaced. A heating repair service might need to overhaul the whole wiring system for the heater. 

4. Faulty Starting Capacitor 

The starting capacitor helps the blower motor start up. If it is faulty, the motor will not start or will cycle on and off frequently. You will also hear a clicking sound when the power comes on, but the heater will refuse to turn on. A heating repair service will be able to test the capacitor and replace it if needed. 

5. Faulty Power Transformer 

The power transformer provides power to the heater's control panel. If it is faulty, there will be no power, and the whole system will be dead. The remedy for a faulty transformer is putting in a new one. 

If your heater is having any of these electrical problems, a heating repair service can help. They have the tools and experience to quickly identify the problem and make the necessary repairs. Contact a heating repair service today to learn more.