Autumn Might Actually Be The Perfect Time To Upgrade To Central Air

When the weather outside gets chilly and dead leaves start littering your lawn, your air conditioning system is likely the last thing on your mind. But if your house is still using window AC units, this autumn season could actually be the perfect time of year to look into upgrading to central air. Here's why you might want to reach out to a local contractor to discuss your options for central air conditioning systems long before warmer weather returns. 

Air Conditioning Providers May Offer a Sale for the End of Summer or Start of Fall

Installing central air conditioning is obviously not cheap, but as far as the outdoor unit and any other actual hardware or parts you might need, it's possible you could get quite a bit of what you need at a reduced price compared to getting this done in the middle of the summer. Look around for HVAC companies or air conditioning providers that are offering a clearance sale or end of summer/start of fall sale to move out lingering inventory. You might be able to score a deal on what you need because the AC providers will want to remove old inventory to make way for new or updated products next spring. You may even be able to find an HVAC contractor who will do central air installation for a reduced price during the fall due to the lower demand and the contractor's desire to keep steady work coming in even as the temperature drops.

Air Conditioning Contractors May Have More Availability for Scheduling Your Installation Due to Lower Demand After Summer Is Over

Beyond saving money, deciding to upgrade to central air this fall is also a good idea from a scheduling perspective. Waiting until next spring or the start of summer to upgrade might lead to you finding out that you are on a waiting list for an appointment or that you can't get an appointment for weeks because the contractor you wanted is all booked up. Make this move after summer is over, and it's more likely that the best AC contractors in your area will have an open time slot sooner rather than later.

The Extra Money You Spend This Fall Will Bring Long-Term Benefits Next Summer and in the Years to Come

Having to spend the money on central air after the summer months is over may not feel great, especially if you already wince at seeing your electric bill go up every summer from your current window units. But a central air system may actually provide lower electric bills in the future due to greater efficiency when cooling your house in comparison to continuing to run multiple old window units. Your family will also be far more comfortable summer after summer thanks to the uniform temperature throughout the house that central air can provide.

Contact a local air conditioning service to learn more.