Boiler Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Boiler Working Properly

A boiler is a way to heat your home using water and gas, rather than forced air and natural gas. The boiler uses water that is heated to a specific temperature, then the steam that is produced is what heats your home in radiators throughout your home. If you have a boiler but have never had any experience with one before, there are things you should know about it to ensure it works properly. You should know about boiler maintenance and how to properly maintain this system in your home to prevent breakdowns that can be costly. Hiring a professional boiler maintenance service is important and something you should do if you are not familiar with this type of system. Read on for some boiler maintenance that you should be aware of.

Cleaning Your Boiler

You need to keep your boiler clean to ensure it works properly. It can accumulate with soot from the gas and flames that is keeping the water heated. This soot buildup can cause the connections to be blocked and could cause a breakdown of your system. Turn off the unit and turn off the gas. Then allow it to cool down before working on the boiler. Use a clean cloth to clean away soot from the connections and around the boiler. Also, be sure to clear out the area surrounding your boiler to keep a clear perimeter all the way around the unit to prevent issues with heating and efficiency and to prevent a fire hazard.

Check All Connections

You should check all of the connections around your boiler and on your boiler to ensure you don't have leaks of any kind. You should also be checking the registers throughout every room of your home to be sure these do not have any type of leaks from water dripping, which can ruin your floors, in addition to causing heating issues. Check the gas lines to be sure you don't have a gas leak and check your water lines as well.

Hire A Maintenance Company

Whether or not you are familiar with this type of heating system in your home, you should still consider hiring a professional boiler maintenance company to help you take care of your system for you. They have the tools, knowledge, and years of experience to take care of your system and to ensure it is running as it should in the most efficient way possible.

If you have a boiler in your home, it needs to be maintained much like any other system in your home. Call a company such as STA SO COOL HVAC today to have your system inspected and any necessary maintenance performed to prevent a costly breakdown.