3 AC Maintenance Services You May Be Overlooking

Maintaining your home's air conditioning system serves two essential roles: increasing the efficiency to control your utility bills and preventing easily avoidable problems to save on repairs.

Unfortunately, not all homeowners realize that their air conditioning system requires maintenance. And even those who do check and change their filters, more involved maintenance may go unaddressed for far too long. If you don't usually hire a professional AC contractor for an annual tune-up, here are three maintenance tasks you may be missing.

1. Thorough Condenser Coil Cleaning

Cleaning your condenser coil is an easy job that most homeowners can handle. A simple condenser cleaning doesn't require any special tools or chemicals. Instead, rinse your condenser using a garden hose with normal pressure and clean water. Doing this once or twice yearly can keep your coils clean but won't necessarily remove deeper clogs and obstructions.

Unfortunately, harsh cleaning chemicals can cause damage, and too much pressure may bend the fins on your coils. Professionals understand how to use coil cleaners safely, allowing them to remove stuck dirt and debris and restore your system's efficiency. A thorough cleaning during an annual maintenance visit can get your coils cleaner than you can on your own.

2. Evaporator Coil Cleaning

A quick condenser coil cleaning is easy for almost any homeowner, but cleaning your evaporator coils is another matter entirely. You can find your evaporator coils inside your indoor air handler unit. In most cases, you can't even see the coils without removing your air handler cabinet door. Once you expose the coils, accessing them enough to clean them can be challenging.

Unfortunately, cleaning your evaporator coils is a potentially important job. Since these coils accumulate moisture when your system removes humidity, they can be potential sources for mold growth. As with your condenser coils, dirt and debris can also reduce efficiency. A professional maintenance visit is the safest way to keep your evaporator coils free from these problems.

3. Condensate Drain Cleaning

Air conditioning systems can remove humidity, but that moisture doesn't vanish. Central air conditioning systems rely on condensate drains to eliminate this water. This system is critically important since excess water can damage your system's electronics, cause water to freeze on the evaporator coil, or rust out essential parts of your home's HVAC system.

Unfortunately, condensate drains and pumps can become clogged with dirt, debris, or even algae. Routine cleaning is necessary to keep condensate flowing, and a clogged drain will trigger a safety switch and stop your system from working. During an annual maintenance visit, your technician will inspect and clean your condensate drain, ensuring a clog doesn't leave you sweating without an AC system.

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