Common Electrical Malfunctions That Cause Your AC Blower To Stop Working And Repairs That Help

The blower in your air conditioner is what pushes cool air through your house. When the blower doesn't work, your home won't cool down. Several things can be to blame when your house isn't chilling down, so the first step is to determine if the blower is at fault. Here's how an air conditioning repair technician might test your blower for an electrical malfunction and repair problems they find. Turn the Thermostat to Fan Only Mode Read More 

5 Health Reasons to Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced Today

When an air conditioner is in good condition, it keeps you cool on hot days and warm on cold days. But if you notice that your air conditioner isn't working as well as it once did, don't put off repairs. A fully functioning air conditioner is good for your health in many ways. 1. Air contaminants Air conditioners filter out the contaminants that come into your home. This means that you have protection from pollen and other unpleasant air contaminants while you use your air conditioner. Read More 

3 Reasons Why Timely Air Conditioning Repair Is Essential

Waiting until your air conditioning system breaks or shuts down is inconvenient, especially when you need it most. It's more practical to carry out proper maintenance practices and have repairs done when it's not in use. This ensures your air conditioner is ready for the warmer seasons when you need it more. When you have an AC, you should: Have a reliable and experienced maintenance and repair technician Read More 

Do You Suspect That Your AC Might Be Out Of Order? Here Are Signs It Is Time To Get It Repaired By An HVAC Technician

When your air conditioning unit is malfunctioning, your home will be uncomfortable during summer. The system eliminates excess heat in your house during the hot summer months and replaces it with cooler and more comfortable air. It improves indoor air quality, leaving your loved ones happy and healthy during hot seasons. Due to its constant use or natural wear and tear, your air conditioning unit may develop problems at some point. Read More 

Reasons Why Your AC Refrigerant May Be Leaking

Refrigerant is what makes residential cooling possible in the first place. When this refrigerant leaks, cooling effectiveness is dramatically reduced. There are a couple of reasons why refrigerant leaks, with these instances being some of the more common.  Worn-Out Connections No matter what type of AC unit your property relies on, its connections will eventually wear down to where refrigerant can leak out. It happens with time but isn't something that is that costly to fix. Read More