Why A Central Air Conditioner Might Become Inefficient

Having a central air conditioning system can make getting through a hot day a lot easier. However, running the system can also lead to high energy bills if it isn't in top shape. If your air conditioning must be left on for a long time before your house is cool enough, there are numerous things that could be causing the problems. You must understand that the insufficiency can also be related to something that has nothing to do with the condition of the air conditioning system. Read More 

When Your Heating System Is Making Loud Noises: Determining If You Need To Get Your System Serviced

If you turn on your heating system for the first time of the season and it seems loud, there are a number of reasons this could be happening. You may simply not be used to the normal sounds that your heating system makes when it turns on. You may have a problem with the air flow in your vents, or your furnace could be struggling to heat up your home and need to be serviced. Read More 

How To Test The Heating Elements On An Electric Water Heater

Slow heating and an outright failure to heat are among the most common problems experienced with an electric water heater. Both of these issues often stem from a faulty heating element. The good news is that you can quickly determine if this is the case by means of an easy test. If you would like to learn more about this process, read on. This article will discuss how to assess the state of your electric water heater's heating element. Read More 

Are You Having Trouble With Leaky Ducts?

When you think about your HVAC system, which components come to mind? If you're like most people, you really only think about your furnace and air conditioner. But the ducts that carry the heated or cooled air through your home are also a vital component of your system. If they become leaky, you may experience an array of issues. Here's a look at common problems that may indicate your ducts are leaking -- and what you can do to address leaky ductwork. Read More 

How To Test Your Central AC Condensate Pump

If you have a central air conditioning system that seems to allow water to run all over your floor, then you likely have a problem with your air handler or evaporator unit. Fortunately, the issue is typically not a major one and likely involves part of the condensate drain system. This system handles the condensation that builds within the air conditioning unit and drops down from the evaporator coil. A collection pan holds the water and a small tube feeds it outdoors. Read More