The Ultimate Maintenance Protocol That Can Circumvent Costly Air Conditioner Repairs

As a homeowner, a lot of time should be spent taking care of your air conditioning system. Otherwise, it will malfunction and you could be left with expensive repairs. They can be prevented throughout the year if you exercise this maintenance protocol. 

Set Up an Appropriate Air Filter 

Although an air filter doesn't cost a lot, it's one of the more important components of your air conditioner. It's what keeps dirt and debris from entering your HVAC system and causing it to wear down prematurely. Since it has such an important role, you need to carefully select one for your unit.

There are many options, but HEPA filters reign supreme. They can effectively filter microparticles, including pollen, pet dander, smoke, and other contaminants. You're then left with a more energy-efficient AC unit and cleaner air inside. Washable air filters are also a great investment because they can be used multiple times, so long as they're cleaned regularly. 

Clean the Outside Unit 

It probably goes unnoticed, but the AC unit on the outside is important to keep clean. Failing to do so can result in parts malfunctioning and costly energy bills each month. Before you clean in and around this outside unit, make sure it's turned off completely.

Then, start clearing dirt, plants, and trash away from this unit. If you notice that the fins are dirty, get a garden hose and spray water gently over the fins. You'll be able to quickly remove dirt and other particles that have built up on them over the months. Any fins that move out of place need to be lined up straight to ensure optimal HVAC performance.

Have Unit Serviced Annually 

Probably the most effective preventative maintenance step you can perform on your air conditioning unit is having it serviced annually by a licensed air conditioning repair contractor. This professional will conduct a thorough inspection, making sure components are in good condition and performing at an optimal rate.

One of the more important services these contractors can provide is re-charging your system, where they administer more refrigerant. Once this is done, your AC unit can effectively move more cool air inside your home. These contractors can also identify any hidden issues that you didn't spot before they cost you a fortune.

When you own a home, it's your duty to take good care of your AC unit. This doesn't have to be as bad as it seems if you stay proactive, monitor the right parts, and enlist the help of professionals.